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Beautiful Hatta, UAE...Sedr Trailers Resort

Beautiful Hatta ,

Actually I’ve never had heard of Hatta, UAE until we booked this trip to Dubai.

It was a such a great trip, we had an amazing time.

We stayed in trailers which acwardly didn’t feel crowded. It was more then enough for my husband and I and our two kids.

The weather was “OK” in the beginning of March but I would have preferred to come January or early February.

It was a bit hot from the shining sun but in the afternoon and under the shade the weather was just fine.

There was a lot of activities to do. Biking, hiking, kayaking..and a few more activities.

They also have another property which they call Wadi Hatta. Which we went to that have coffee shops, restaurants and a lot of activities for kids.

Would I go again? Most definitely!

P.S. Yes there are insects everywhere. Two nights if you like activities is more then enough. It’s best to go as a group.

It was a great experience!

For more information check out there site


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