23 Comments on “Vogue Paris ‘Cadeaux’

  1. Alia

    this is AH-MAZING!! i love those shoes!!!

  2. waay 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb

  3. i love it
    bs eb 9ara7a
    l yahal magamaw e3eeshon 7ayat’hom
    there is no childhood nowadays

    1. giggles

      i totally agree with Sn3a

  4. Om fassooli

    Laa ykhar3ooon they look like 40 yrs old women…. I hate to see children dressed up like that

  5. Manayer

    Fee 9owaar Ok Bas a7is inna They’re Not Good For Their Age :/

  6. bedour

    i have mixed feelings about this :/
    they look great, bs its disturbing shway..

  7. iLSuL6ana

    Me 2 I have mixed feelings about it :/ bs read the article in the link at the end,

  8. I like the photography, lighting and colors tones.
    But i dislike the idea .. This is a childhood abusing !!

    1. question

      يمكن كلامج صح بس البنات ترا يستمتعون بالمكياج والتساريح والهدوم ما اتوقع البنات اللي بالصور كتن ظايق خلقهم

  9. Shayoo5

    Some of these pictures are disturbing, i read the article and honestly the only pictures which i find appropriate ( from my understanding of the article ) are the first two pics and the girl brushing her teeth
    Little kids ( GIRLS ) should NOT be POSING this way !!!!!

    1. iLSuL6ana

      I think 3ashain they are giving us very serious faces :/ ya3ni maybe if they were having fun it would be ok, there looks are trying to be seductive :S

      1. mimi

        That’s a bit scary

  10. i find it kinda creepy 3la yahal, its wrong :s

  11. i like the concept but find it a bit disturbing for 8-9 years old models to be dressed up and posed as 20somthing models


  12. aisha

    ilbnaya in the third pic teshbah adriana lima… 😉

  13. aliah

    it kinda freaky a7es

  14. شهريار

    يهبلوون مسوين مثل لكباار 😐

    بس حلووة

  15. MOI

    this is chic and creative for me .. loved the shoes 😛

  16. Fate

    The pictures are so amazing and nice , the girls so elegant
    Bss the idea enna they are kids o wayed mkabrenhoum o specially they are possing

  17. Sara

    I hate It when they treat kids that way
    I can’t see this nice
    no innocence at all !!!

  18. hamad

    aren’t they just a bit too young to model in that way?

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