8 Comments on “hamster-soory for sale :P

  1. joy

    firan ba3ad hamster hay shino
    law bas et7e6een eeleed ellly shayeltah chan min `3er gool gelt sooooory :p

  2. ilsul6ana

    yahahahaahahahaaaa joyyy ee 3ad 9ej chinhum feran 😛

  3. bo saleh

    3alech bel 3afya :/

  4. Moodhi

    7araaaam, thats so sad ;( they should let them live…

  5. ilsul6ana

    haaw moodhi mino gaal ebythb7onhum :p kekekeek

  6. LoooL 3ad tawny ams shayef “g-force” fa 7ady met2ather!

  7. Web Weaver

    Cute!!! How much is the one? would they come with a cage and food or I should by them seperately?

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