7 Comments on “Kakawie

  1. someone

    wayd wayd wayd MA yshaweq ;\

  2. lulwah


  3. queen 77

    abbeee aishai shino hathaa kilish shakla ma shawagne !

  4. ilsul6ana

    yahahah 7aram ymken il t9weer chethi!

  5. Shahena

    ee shaklaaah mayshawiiig bass u never know it might be delicious 😉
    bass sij if u know them tell them to change the pics and make it look more appealing 😛

  6. joy

    its not that good wayed `3ali o asami 3alfathi!!

  7. Kakawie Owners

    Have it .. Try it .. LOVE IT

    Thanks all for your comment ..

    We would like to inform you that we have changed the prices to :

    The new priecing :
    4 Pieces 4.000 KD
    6 Pieces 6.000 KD
    8 pieces 8.000 KD
    12 Pieces 1 Dozen 10.000 KD

    And we are very sure about the names and every one liked it and its suits all the teenager’s even the adults

    Finally , You can check our new photos on our face book group Kakawie and please we would like to know ur comment about each photo ..

    Best Regards:
    Kakawie Team.

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